Research plays an important role in the process oflearning and development, eventuallypaving the way for innovation. Incorporating a research component along with a strong academic foundation enables students to develop independent critical thinking. The duly constituted Research & Ethical Council of theCollege running under Centre ensures diligence and ethics in research activities. In addition, faculty members are actively involved as guidesfor Ph.D. scholars. Some have also contributed towards books and writing chapters in books.
Entrepreneurship in India is yet to reveal its hidden potential. It will not only help India to frontier with the world leaders but also unlock the quality of brains that we are so proud of. The Centre via ED cell inculcates and enrichs the entrepreneurial environment in and around collegeby creatingan easily accessible and exhaustive set of resources for the young entrepreneurs, which includes the students,the budding professionals and mentors. It also garners mentoring support from the industry experts in order to channelize and refine raw entrepreneurial energies that go on to become successful business.
International Journal of Innovation and Multidisciplinary Research (IJIAMR) started in 2022 is an Open Access, Unpaid, International, Peer-Reviewed Quarterly Journal. The journal aims to foster original multidisciplinary communication and promote novel understanding of significant issues, research, review and short communication related to Biological Science, Economics and Management Studies, Environmental Studies, Indigenous knowledge, Society & Sustainable development, Information & Data Sciences, Language & Literature, Library information Sciences, Physical & Chemical Science, Social science, Arts & Humanities, Gender Studies. Original research articles, critical reviews, short communication and perspectives of high quality are published online.
The National Innovation & Start-up policy 2019 for HE Is is the guiding framework to envision an education system oriented towards start-up & entrepreneurial opportunities for students & faculty. The guidelines provide ways to Indian HEIs develop entrepreneurial agenda, managing IPR right ownership, technology licensing & equity sharing in start-upsor enterprise established by faculty & students.These guidelines will enable & encourage students & faculty to consider start-up & entrepreneurship as acareer option.

The Centre is under process of formulating our own policy named as Rajguru Innovation & Start-up Policy—2021, which is drafted as per the requirements of our students, staff & faculty.College would aim at successful implementation of RISP framework.To achieve this full-fledged support of all University academic, non academic staff, para-teaching staff,alumni, other departments would be necessary.
The primary mandate of Centre is to encourage, inspire and nurture young students by supporting them to work with new ideas and transform them into prototypes while the yare informative years through IIC. Since it’s establishment in college, centre has been working towards promoting innovation practices not just in students but faculty members too.
Enactus is a non-profit organization with over 70,500 active members in 1,700 universities across 36 countries. It brings together students from institutions all over the world to work on social outreach projects for underserved populations.Enactus Shaheed Rajguru College was founded on January 19, 2018 with the goal of makingapositive influenceonthecommunity.The center through enacts identifies possibilities transforming them into tangible, sustainable projects and uplifting the underprivileged sections of society. It also fosters a community of socially conscious students who are well prepared for the future.
College has been awarded the approval to have Technology Business Incubator (TBI) supported by the Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)-DI, New Delhi (Feb,2018). The mission is to stimulate the establishment & growth of technology based start-ups.